The Dangerous Aspects Of Cell Phones Essay example

1909 Words Nov 30th, 2014 8 Pages
In today’s society we have all become attached to our cell phones. When a call, text, email, social net alert comes in, people usually grab their phone. If this behavior happens in a doctor’s office, restaurant, or park, for instance, lives are not endangered. The dangerous aspects of cell phone use have become a huge part of our lives since people are willing to do all these things while driving. How scary is that? Driving alone is already dangerous. When cell phone use is added into the picture, the danger level rises tremendously. Cell phone usage while driving is a huge distraction, causes accidents, and threatens lives. Cell phones behind the wheel are a big distraction and never seem to have a happy ending. No matter how good people may think they are at using their phone while driving, they are wrong. Using a phone while behind the wheel is not only putting their lives at risk, but other people’s lives at risk. Drivers do not understand that their attention is not fully directed to the road, therefore they are not aware of the other drivers on the road. Sudden stops, red lights, and cars turning are a few aspects that one will not be aware of while using their phone. The article “Cell Phone Use While Driving & Employer Liability” written by Attorney Todd Clement states, “Cell phone use and sending text messages while driving causes drivers to suffer from impaired visual scanning, inattention blindness, and impaired situational awareness” (1). Drivers may be looking…

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