The Dancing Fool Of School Essay

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Dancing Fool in School
In the past I was an extremely bizarre schoolboy and performed abnormal actions to acquire interest from others at my elementary school like sporting a reddish helmet. Occasionally my muscle twitches caught the awareness of others. Young’uns approached me and questioned, “Why do you jerk your arms and feet like that?” I couldn’t expound it to them because I didn’t fucking comprehend it myself.
Therapist Dan: “Do you recall the name of your medication by chance?”
Me: “No, I was eleven then. I don’t recollect the precise label. I scarcely understood why I needed to ingest dual capsules each fucking dawn and occasionally I forgot.”
Any who, I arbitrarily performed pushups upon the hot asphalt whilst my peers remained in line awaiting our home room teachers. I speculate that I possessed excessive vivacity. Additional children took advantage of it and dared me to do them while they sat on my back, those fucking assholes. No wonder I hate children.
Therapist Dan: “It sounds like you were on Ritalin. That was a common drug to give to children with A.D.H.D. or A.D.D. in the 90’s.”
Anyway, I wasn’t the keenest youngster in my schoolroom. I realized this for the reason that my parents assessed me for a special Ed. Mathematics Class. Buck named it the Retard math class.
Therapist Dan: “He termed it a retard class in your presence?”
Me: “Yep.”
Therapist Dan: “That’s terribly cruel. He could’ve just said it was a slow math class. I’m sorry Reece. He might as…

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