Essay about The Dance Of Belly Dancing

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History of Belly Dancing

Belly dancing or “raks sharki” which celebrates the woman form is the one of the most natural dance given the dance is naturally built to flow with the natural movements of a woman. Scholars are not sure of its origin but given the proof one can vaguely pin point the origin to the Middle East and North Africa. The dance was practiced for based in religion, celebration but has expanded to an increasingly popular dance form practiced in every country. Belly dancing can be found all around the world; nearly every ancient culture practiced some variation of the dance. Many believe that belly dancing began to participate in a ritual that honored the Birth Magic Ritual. In Palermo, Sicily, rock engravings are found of what seems to be a ritual fertility dance thought to strengthen the abdomen and hips. The dance was based on the female body using the abdominal and hip muscles fewer than three categories, fluid movements, percussive and shimmies, shivers and vibrations. This form of dance was unique has been depicted in carvings, sculptures and later paintings when European artists traveled and documented their experiences. The dance was done mainly for celebration. Despite the misconceptions males, females and children alike danced at festivals or to entertain guests at weddings, fertility and parties for women danced in Egypt. It was taught at an early age and young women learned to move their hips, belly in a circular motion…

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