The Daffodils And William Wordsworth Analysis

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The Romantic period was one of important periods, Romantic poems have amazing view for the nature and landscape, we also can use term Romanticism to describe particular period, Romantic or Romanticism start in late 1700s to 1820s , the France revolution and the great Napoleonic wars help to forming the Romantic, the most famous and important poets of Romanticism are Percy Bysshe Shelley( the young poet), Thomas DE Quincey and William Wordsworth , according to Ross, he sees that the Romantic poets as greatness because they believe in themselves , also he sees the Romantic poets influence in the history and politics with no direct connect with people, Ross thinks that great poetry write only by great poet, the Romantic focus on poet life and …show more content…
Context of 'the daffodils' and the journey of Dorothy Wordsworth we will see there are similarly, Wordsworth wrote 'the daffodils' in 1804 and William add the second stanza to be four stanzas in 1817, but his sister wrote Grasmere journal and her experience in 1802, the context of Dorothy older than 'the Daffodils', there are two different literary work, there are some emotions effect and images in two context almost similar (Fleckenstein& Calendrillo &Worley 200), in the Journey of Dorothy she describes a gay view that daffodils (dance, toss, wear) on the lake and the beauty of waves, then she wrote what happen in Gowbarrow park, the journal connect with landscape and nature (Watson& Towheed 135-136), in the poem William use ''I'' pronoun while Dorothy use ''we'' pronoun, Dorothy may see family experience but William Daffodils self-experience that described in his eyes(Levin 34), both account use the same experienced views for daffodils and the huge number of daffodils under the tree near the lake, William uses the same personification that means gave human characters to something non human that already had been used by Dorothy to give daffodils human quality like dancing daffodils and tossing head, Wordsworth also use word gay that Dorothy use (look so gay)in her journal, but William take the word gay and use it in his poem( a poet couldn't be gay),William uses the same image and same personification that Dorothy had been used, in spite of they use their experiences but they are different account ,Dorothy is prose journal that record the private writing but William account is lyric poem and public writing, according to Woof, he sees that they are different account because she is woman private writing and he is romantic male poet, they have same experiences come to closer imagination life at dove cottage, there are two lines in last stanza have been writing by his wife marry, Christopher brother of William wrote an outline about lake and the daffodils,

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