The Cyber Safety Event Took Place At The Boys And Girls Club On North Green St

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Intervention The Cyber Safety Event took place at the Boys and Girls Club on North Green St in Tupelo Ms on Friday June 24, 2016 from 10pm-12pm. The event gave us the opportunity to reach out to youth in the greater Lee, county area. During the educational presentation we offered information on safe internet and texting practices. We ask question to gage the youth’s level of knowledge to see if they understood what was and was not appropriate internet behavior and the consequences that could result from unsafe practices. The presentation pertained to issues such as bullying, sexting, sex trafficking, and exploitation. We discussed that it is out of their control as to who see’s picture of them once it is shared via the internet or mobile devices regardless as to whether they use privacy setting or not because they have no control over what the people sending or receiving these images or messages do with the content once it is in their possession. Moreover we discussed the the issue of people not being who they portray themselves as being, for instance they have the ability to falsify their age, sex, race, gender and even their location via the internet and there is no for sure way of knowing a person is truly , who they say they are over the computer or the phone and by giving out your personal information only provides a potential perpetrator with the tools needed to deceive and prime their victims, such as knowing a person’s favorite color, food, desired…

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