The Cyber Domain Of Cyber Security For The United States Essay

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The cyber domain is perhaps the most complex domain to define in modern warfare. Academic literature has secured cyber as both a domain and part of the global common. National laws, policies, and understanding of the cyber domain are just being to mature; thus, the strategy to guide and form the required organizations to support cyber is just being to develop. This paper will consider whether the current national cyber construct is sufficient to address the cyber domains unique geography. Next the paper will examine whether the national organizational structure tasked with cyber operations needs to be reorganized and subsequently require a change to the United States Code (USC). Finally, the paper will discuss that if a reorganization is required, which agency should be in charge of cyber security for the United States. Cyber Geography
The emergence of the cyber domain has been uniquely different than the traditional domains of air, land, and maritime. Theories about both the cyber and space domains have at times been very similar, treating the domains and purely functional rather than having a physical geography. Colin Gray writing about the future of war related to these two domains states:
It has been rare in history for a new geography to be added to the elite short list of environments for warfare. Now there are two such new geographies, space and cyberspace, and we are becoming ever more dependent upon them both. Thus far, at least, we…

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