Essay The, Cutting Off Sarah

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“You don’t understand,” Aiden said, cutting off Sarah. “It was a joke, and I don’t need you putting your guilt on me or whatever your problem is because it’s not my problem. I came here to escort you and May back to camp and it’s not my fault you guys split up. Instead of blaming me we should be looking for May, but you have to be in charge of everything and everything has to go your way.”
“Fuck Aiden hold on,” Sarah said with a sigh. She inhaled deeply and thought critically of her next words and what May the peace keeper would do. “Listen sometimes you take things way too far, but that aside I need you to hear my words. The best thing right now isn’t to split up even more but to come together as a group and find our lost friend. Can you do that for me, or better can you do that for May. After we get out of here we can go our separate ways and you can hate me all you want, but can you team up with me for May right now,” Sarah pleaded.
Aiden paused and thought. He thought of Sarah and how demanding she was, and of Brandon who made Aiden go get the girls in the first place. Everyone always needs something from him. He didn’t sign up for a camping trip to be bossed around and ordered to and fro. He got enough of that at home. All his mom did was sit on their old orange lazy boy recliner and bark orders and like with his friends Aiden never did anything right. He would wash the dishes but always missed one spoon or fork. He took out the trash, but there was always more in…

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