Essay on The Customs And Practices Of Native Americans

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The customs and practices of Native Americans have been both a cultural and societal sustainment within the United States today; however, not in the way traditional sustainment is seen. In Phillip J. Deloria’s book, Playing Indian, he asks how across American history “has the notion of disguised Indians dumping tea in Boston harbor had such a powerful hold on Americans’ imaginations?” (9) What is it exactly that captivates the minds of Americans’ regarding the culture of our Native American predecessors? Before the passing of the Stamp Act in 1795, American colonists started mentioning Tamenend, a Delaware chief who allowed William Penn to pass through his lands. The Shuylkill Fishing Company started a trend of clubs commemorating to the event with dancing, parades with people clad in Indian costumes, “longtalks”, and maypoles being erected every first day of May to celebrate the beginning of spring and eventually being called “King Tammany’s Day.” Deloria makes the case of how the Roman Catholic holiday of Carnival makes the minstrel appearance of a “double life” (15) with both French and English celebrations and how the concept of “mocking” different cultures to be an Old World concept and something that has made itself well known as concrete in the holiday and the nations that take part in it. Thus, the Americans continued this timely tradition by taking part in celebrations with Indian wear and rituals without truly immersing themselves with any contact with the…

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