Essay about The Customer Service Of The Store

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The cashier takes the order from the customer.
Payment is done by the customer for the meal by cash or card.
The order is fed into the backlog or the display screen.
This is then viewed by the staff in the kitchen.
The orders are processed based on the priority given to it. EX: The order displayed first on the screen will be worked on.
The staff in the kitchen work on the order.

The patties that are stored in the hot boxes are used for preparing burger.
Other toppings and sauces are then added to the burger.
French fries is taken from its respective station and is placed on the serving tray along with the burger.
The meal is then served to the customer.
Finally the manager will check for the remaining stock for next day of work.
They call it Great Customer Service and we call it Kanban.
Kanban is nothing but a system that works by receiving information from the preceding stations.
The setup of McDonald’s reminds us about the client, product owner and developer system.
The order is entered in computer, is displayed in the backlog.
This can be viewed by other customer in the line.
The boys in the kitchen start to work on the order displayed on the screen.
Speedy system is used for assembling the order in McDonald’s.
Various operations are coupled and linked in the order of the assembly lines.

Everything is prepared based on priority.
The main purpose is transparency to calm down the waiting customers.
Kanban can also be used for stocking and using items that are frequently…

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