The Curriculum With Open Ended Play Spaces Essay

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The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences”- Loris Malaguzzi. This quote reflects the passion I possess in actively providing children with boundless opportunities to explore their curious, imaginative and creative selves. Through providing a nurturing, positive and stimulating environment for all children, I am to foster an emergent curriculum with open ended play spaces with enriched resources that supports children’s learning holistically.
Children in their early years are exploring the foundations to a life time of learning and development. By creating flexible plans based on children’s interests, sensitive educators can gently scaffold each child’s development and assist in shaping those positive dispositions that support children taking ownership of their own learning. Implementation of the Reggio Emilia approach whereby children are seen as powerful, capable agents of their learning, creates a strong sense of belonging, agency and autonomy. Furthermore, by actively involving children, families and educators in the planning process, an environment which reflects the lives of those in the learning space is created, thereby respecting and valuing each child for who they are and who they will become. I believe this contributes to my vision of making a positive difference in children’s education and development.
“Children’s early learning influences their life chances” (Early years…

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