The Curriculum Frameworks And Education Essay

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Educators in junior primary need to include assessments among their learning programs. Assessment provides a valuable source of information that illustrates learning in progress. A wide range of methods used in collaboration with children, families, and other professional support networks will gain a deeper insight of data. Curriculum frameworks and education government agencies highlight the importance of assessment as it provides high quality learning and teaching. Educators need assessment tools to report on student learning and develop learning intentions for future planning. This will assist with understanding the next step in the learning program. The following paragraphs investigate and describe the purpose of assessment in the classroom, as well as the types that are necessary for authentic assessment. Reflecting on state and national education government assessment policy guidelines that have been established to ensure high quality teaching and learning in best practices.
Purpose of assessment
Assessment is the process of gathering information, reflecting on the meaning, and analyzing to inform future planning (Arthur, Beecher, Death, Dockett and Farmer, 2015, p. 257). The use of assessment allows educators to report on student learning that aligns with the Australian curriculum framework. The Australian curriculum standards address what student learning needs to be achieved at certain areas of subjects and grades. The purpose of this is to…

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