Essay on The Curriculum For English 1320 Calls For A Primary Textbook

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Introduction: The curriculum for English 1320 calls for a primary textbook that teaches students writing techniques along with helping students improve their writing skills. The primary textbook used for this class is Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students (ARCS). This textbook goes into great detail about the writing techniques used by the great writers of the past, but the problem lies in that this book provides no help in actually teaching the students different ways to improve their writing. This book overall seems as if it only provides definitions and overall it is difficult to understand. Although the title claims that this textbook is meant for contemporary students, this book in truth is not relatable to modern society. It talks about many writers and most students have no previous knowledge of these people, their works, or the terms the authors use. This book is not completing its purpose and instead is causing students to become confused.
For the benefit of the students, I propose that an alternative textbook should be used in order to help students learn their writing techniques. The new textbook chosen would be Essential Writing Skills for College and Beyond by C.M. Gill. This alternative textbook can provide what the original textbook cannot. For the college students reading it, it will be more relatable and understandable, it will be “modern”. This is essential because if the students are able to connect with the textbook, they will…

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