The Curriculum Classroom Makeover By Cathy Davidson And Biographies Of Hegemony

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There are so many different types of institutions, ranging from religious institutions to work institutions. But in Karen Ho’s article “Biographies of Hegemony” she talks about educational institutions and how “smartness” is not just knowledge based, but also appearance based as well. Karen Ho dives into the study of the new educational system and how manipulative Wall Street is, starting with Ivy League schools. The discussion of Wall Street shows exactly how much power it has over the student’s minds and their decisions. The concept of standardization, student inequalities, and the conformity in a school environment are all explored in the pieces “Project Classroom Makeover” by Cathy Davidson and “Biographies of Hegemony.” Karen Ho’s articles are mainly based around the idea of the unfairness that students have in the school systems. Whereas Cathy Davidson went into great detail about the reformation of teaching methods in a classroom to keep up with the new generations. But the main ideas of both articles interlace with one another to the fact that they both come down to the idea of students against society. The term “hegemony” is constantly used throughout the entire article, which refers to gaining leadership over a group by using common beliefs and practices. Over the years the “Wall Street” name has accumulated a sense of power in which only a few chosen ones get to join the special elite. The Wall Street workforce has generally taken over the interest of the…

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