The Curriculum Classroom Makeover, By Cathy Davidson Essay

1712 Words Oct 6th, 2016 7 Pages
The question of how to properly teach children has been constantly debated over ever since the existence of the education system. On the precipice of such debate are two outspoken critics, Cathy Davidson, author of “Project Classroom Makeover,” and Jean Twenge, author of “An Army of One: Me,” who have both denounced the traditional school curriculum. Their beliefs, that public school have ruined students by placing too much emphasis on self-esteem as well as content heavy lesson plans; have been loudly reverberated throughout their writings. I too agree with them that our present day educational system is failing our students. However, there are other ideas regarding our schools that both authors may or may not mention or only glance over. Cathy Davidson merely expresses the benefits of inquiry based opportunities based on her mother in laws own personal experiences, therefore forgetting to explain the prescience behind inquiry based learning. Jean Twenge on the other hand has briefly restricted her views on narcissism by not delving into the students’ perspective to these self-esteem programs. It is clearly unwise to just connect the self-esteem programs that schools have to narcissism without considering the students point of view in the midst of the correlation. What Twenge and Davidson disregard to mention is that current self-esteem programs in schools bring out these feelings of self-importance and false complacency in students which have inadvertently developed into…

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