The Curriculum At Rancho Solano Private Schools Essay

1820 Words Nov 7th, 2016 8 Pages
Change in our communities, businesses and education is inevitable. Education of our youth has predominantly been provided by our government along with non-profit and profit private schools, which co-exist within our educational system. Since 1954, the Bayer and Freesmeyer’s families have owned and operated a group of non-profit schools, known as the Rancho Solano Private Schools (RSPS). In 2007, RSPS was sold to the Meritas International Family of Schools, a for profit Illinois-based organization, (Oke, 2011). The mission of the organization was to broaden the curriculum at Rancho Solano along with the original nine schools, operated by the Meritas organization by incorporating an international focus in the curriculum. Thus, in pursuit of this plan many external and internal factors impeded the venture and implementation of its mission. In this essay, we will analyze the specific internal influences and decisions rendered to close school campuses and consolidate resources by Dr. Menard and Meritas, as well as, the process used and the social responsibility demonstrated. Additionally, management theories will be discussed in the approach of the administration’s closure, whereby, suggesting three plans for direction and growth in the future of the Rancho Solano Preparatory School (RSPS).
Specific factors contributed to the closure of two RSPS campuses. The economic recession financially injured businesses’ including schools in Arizona. In addition, other schools that were…

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