Essay about The Curriculum And The Holistic Learning Experience

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When one attempts to define the term curriculum there are a myriad of meanings that are presented. The word curriculum according to is derived from a Latin word which means course of action, race. Today, when teachers are asked to define curriculum many will define it as a book that outlines what is to be taught and ways in which it can be taught. Curriculum refers to the means and materials with which students will interact for the purpose of achieving identified educational outcomes (Edward S. Ebert II, Christine Ebert, Michael L. Bentley, 2013). This definition encompasses academic activities but we all know that there are many other activities that occur at school Theses include drama, athletics and clubs and societies in which students participate as part of the holistic learning experience. As Allan A. Glatthorn, Bonni F. Boschee, Bruce M. Whitehead (2015) states ‘The curriculum is the plans made for guiding learning in the schools, usually represented in retrievable documents of several levels of generality, and the actualization of those plans in the classroom, as experienced by the learners and as recorded by an observer; those experiences take place in a learning environment that also influences what is learned’. This definition points to the fact that the curriculum is multifaceted. There are several factors that affect the curriculum and so there are several curriculums that are in use at any one time. Edward S. Ebert II, Christine Ebert,…

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