The Current World Population And Its Effects Essay

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The current world population is a constraining 7 billion people, and shows no signs of slowing down. Amidst the growing population rises an issue, which can no longer be over looked. The population is not scattered uniformly across the globe, there are different concentrations of population in different places. However, some are comparable in size. Just like human characteristics, there are characteristics for all countries that can be scrutinized. Some of the characteristics can have a positive impact, while others have a negative impact. This essay will use Canada and Sudan as its two countries and focus on comparing certain demographic characteristics, and outline why they vary. Some of those characteristics are birth rate, death rate, life expectancy, infant mortality and population growth rate. Then attempt to show the economic and social impacts due to the differences in population size. And will offer insight as to how to limit theses effects.
There is an overall characteristic to which population characteristics relate to, that characteristic being the population growth rate. All of the characteristics are interrelated and are influential to each other. The population growth rate for Canada and Sudan contrasts heavily, Sudan is growing swiftly with a rate of 1.78 percent annually. Canada has a gentler pace of 0.76 percent annually. In Sudans case, it is primarily high due to a high birth rate and a low death rate. Population growth does not only hinge on children…

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