The Current Wage Gap Between Men And Women Essay

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The current wage gap between men and women in America stems from the unshakable force of misogyny acting within the country. When the newest President of the United States of America received over fifty-nine million votes and used phrases that have been excused as “locker-room talk” during his campaign trail, there is a clear societal issue at hand. Horrendous remarks that marginalize women are just one display of sexism. Confining gender roles, unjust treatment, and sexual harassment are battles women face on a daily basis both in and out of the workplace. As America has moved towards modern times, laws and amendments have been created to break down these discriminatory societal forces. Yet, the pay disparity between the two sexes continues to plague the United States with women making only eighty percent of what men holding the same occupations are paid. The time has come for the pay gap to close.
As of 2015, over seventy million women ages sixteen and over had joined the working class. This continually growing number represents nearly forty-seven percent of the total labor force ("Women in the Workforce: United States", 2016). A change in the wages to accompany this power shift is yet to be seen. The reality of the pay gap is definitive and several things can be done in order to level the playing field. Implementing the equal payment of women is not the only way to fix the issue at hand. Along with equivalent pay, lowering barriers to entry for women taking higher paying…

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