Essay about The Current System Of Global Social Networking

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People all over the world are connected with the advanced internet that has turned the world to a small village. This development of an electronic independence has changed the manner in which people throughout the world communicate with one another, and has allowed for a near elimination of the physical and cultural borders that once made such interactions difficult. As Boyd (2014) notes, communication processes and the free exchange of thoughts and ideas among people were once hindered by long distances and cultural divides, but this is no longer true as knowledge and information are currently free flowing. The current system of global social networking allows for ample sharing of thoughts through social media such as Facebook that is emerging as giants in this new world (Hogan, 2010).
Qualman (2010) stated that the introduction of technological innovations and infrastructure into countries has been a major catalyst for political and socioeconomic advancement in developing nations. Yet such technology advancement is an important subject of discussion that require focus of research concentration. Technology advancement also relates to the development of social networking site as well. Various studies highlight the impact of social media sites on their users with both positive and negative findings suggested. With rapid advances in the information technology sector occurring within the last two decades, numerous countries have gained open access to the internet (Correa et…

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