The Current Structure Of The Fictitious Company Essay

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Numerous factors influence the motivation of employees either directly or indirectly. Strong leaders are able to motivate their employees to give one-hundred-percent efforts, for the best interests of their companies. (Bragg and Roehl-Anderson, 2011).
In this assignment, I will outline the current structures of the fictitious company, Hole in the Wall. I will discuss some theories of motivation and examine how the current structure of the company effects the motivation of employees. From there, I will make recommendations on how the company could better be structured to accordingly motivate its employees.

Evaluating the Current Managerial Structure
In the light of Bragg and Roehl-Anderson (2011), management is a synergy of four aspects, which includes planning, organizing, leading and controlling. All these elements are essential in order to manage companies as well their employees. According to Hull, (2014), organizations that have strong managerial structures usually have powerful and efficient employees compared to organizations that have weaker managerial structures. A good managerial structure not only brings positivity to the performance of the employees, but it can also help the managers to tackle the different operations of the company (Korzynski, 2013). The managerial structure or decision-making power of every company differs, as every company has different strategies to make its business grow.

According to the case study, the company began with…

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