The Current State Of Educational Descent Essay example

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Even considering the numerous factors which contribute to the current state of educational descent in America, current fallacies in the economic facets of educational policy are strongly correlated to faults in the American education system. State government budgeting constraints contribute to downward trends in academic funding and student financial aid, born of a desire to alleviate taxation on the local populace and the presence of innumerable budget pressure points which vie for limited funding. The financially exclusive nature of private non-profit colleges and universities are characterized by an increase in net tuition and a shift in the responsibility for college expenditures towards students and their families. The disparity in America’s collective socioeconomic demographic becomes the final crux in the economic drawbacks on education, as a lower standing in the socioeconomic hierarchy is directly correlated with a decreased rate in academic success. Due to the cumulative manner in which the state government, academic institutions, and the current gulf in socioeconomic status contribute to barring certain peoples from a quality education, this triumvirate of forces must be recognized as the main contributors to the economic limitations on American academia, considering their imposition of devastating economic constraints on the attainment of education.
One aspect of these aforementioned economic constraints, the state government, serves a major role in the…

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