Essay about The Current Regulations And Restrictions

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The current regulations and restrictions in the U.S. are a solid foundation in creating increased moral consideration for animals, however they are still insufficient. The only federal law in the U.S. is the Animal Welfare act. It’s fundamental goal is to eliminate the pain and distress of the animals used as much as possible. Some of the guidelines laid out in this Act include the housing, feeding, cleanliness, exercise, ventilation, and medical needs of the animals. However, the AWA does not cover the protection of birds, fish, mice, or rats bred for experimentation purposes. These species make up around 95% of the animals used in research ( This needs to be amended to include all animals. Who decided that these species are even lower than other animals on the moral hierarchy? They deserve as much protection as other animals. Fortunately, in the United States, there are also a number of policies set forth to overlook those that wish to use animal test subjects. One of these policies being policy #12, which requires scientists to provide a written narrative explaining the methods they want to pursue and the sources they sought to help investigate the availability and accuracy of alternative means. This includes the use of an Institution Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to observe all work involving animals. All IACUCs demand at least one veterinarian and a community representative. They have the power to reject a proposal or stop any experiments that do not…

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