Essay on The Current Public Education System

1097 Words Nov 3rd, 2014 null Page
The current public education system in the for grades K-12 is not as effective as many may hope. Only 80% of all high school graduate in the United States and a large portion of those students feel they did not learn anything and were in a rush to graduate. Flaws such as grouping students with different learning styles into the same classroom is one of the several flaws that show how much our system needs a radical change. To better our system, I suggest separating students by their learning styles, adding peer tutoring into the classroom, and incorporating selected learning.

The most deleterious actions school officials make is overlooking the different ways that students learn and combine students randomly into the same classroom run by the same teacher. This causes no problems for the few students that are fortunate to have been placed with a teacher whos teaching method(s), such as power points or application practice, effectively educate the students. However, students who do not learn best from their teachers ' methods cannot grasp the material and tend to fall behind in their classes. "...personality divides learners into categories based on how actively or observationally they learn and whether they thrive on abstract concepts or concrete ones....sequential learners understand information best when it is presented one step at a time whereas holistic learners benefit more from seeing the big picture....We have a natural tendency to use the skills that are strongest.…

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