The Current President Of The United States Essay

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Barrack Obama is the current president of United States and has also made a legacy by being the first African-American president of the United States. He won two consecutive terms in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. Being raised in the absence of his father and at the mercy of his grandparents, his ambition to excel in academics did not fade as he struggled to make things normal for himself. Obama is known for his work on change and equal rights for others.
He got elected as the senator of Illinois State Senate in 1996 during which he successfully worked with both Democrats and Republicans to significantly create legislation on ethics as well as expanding health care services and promoting early childhood education programs for the poor. According to the theory of Erikson and Piaget which states that development is a series of age-related changes which is achieved over the course of a person 's life span. Obama indeed understood the theory and made several successful developmental achievements over his life span. Being a senator, he created a state earned-income tax credit for the working. The idea made him sell out as a change-oriented politician with ambition to change the state of the low-income families. As the duly elected chairperson of Illinois Senate 's Health and Human Service Committee, he worked with different law enforcement agencies to require videotaping of interrogation and confession in all capital offenses. He was touched by the facts that a good…

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