The Current Practices Of Modern Agriculture Essay

1859 Words Mar 31st, 2016 8 Pages
The current practices of modern agriculture are failing as a source of food production due to the many inefficiencies and problems that come about due to the growing and management of crops and livestock. With the technology and know-how that we have today, many of the problems that come about because of our current agricultural practices could be solved if we can allow them to be solved. Many people fear new technologies like biotechnology and genetic modification, mostly due to lack of understanding or fear of change (Caselli-Mechael). If biotechnologies prove to be ineffective, there still need for other efforts to solve the problems created by agriculture. These problems include: negligence to utilize current technologies to their full potential, the improper treatment and management of livestock, and soil and water pollution due to fertilizers and water runoff.

One example of how current agriculture just isn’t cutting it is that many of those involved in agriculture ignore the possible benefits of developing technologies. New innovations like biotechnology could immensely benefit the agricultural world but these innovations are not utilized to their full potential. Many people fear new technologies like biotechnology due to lack of understanding (Caselli-Mechael). This is an issue because many of the problems created by current agricultural practices can be lessened or even solved by utilizing modern technologies, especially biotechnologies like genetic modification…

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