The Current Model Of Governance Essay

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We envision a digital system through which the government would distribute resources and solicit input. Our project is called BOTS.GOV, where, by utilizing the aforementioned technology trends, we will give citizens a way to talk directly to their government and of accessing troves of open data (i.e., the bot finds it) and government processes and services (i.e., the bot assists in filling out forms and wading through bureaucratic processes), and informing governments (via the bot) about problems, issues, and wants in real time. Citizen users would do this though simple smartphone, web-based, and voice activated (in anticipation of hardware such as Apple’s AirPods) applications similar to those they already use every day.
Understanding the current model of governance in the U.S. is key to understanding BOTS.GOV’s innovation. The current model is generally linear and is slow and inefficient with feedback. Directives from the federal or state level are send down to agencies who then send them down to service providers (both governmental and contracted) who then engage citizens. Citizens are able to respond back to this hierarchy in limited ways, the main form of which is voting for the legislators who send down the directives.
BOTS.GOV seeks to position itself at the center of this flow, creating a hub for open communication for all players in the model. Citizens will be able to query each level of the governmental hierarchy and each level of said hierarchy will be able to…

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