Essay about The Current Medical Uses Of 3d Printing

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The current medical uses of 3D printing can be categorized into several broad classes; pharmaceutical research, tissue and organ fabrication and prosthetics creation. The technology promises to deliver hugely on different counts such as personalization according to the patients or users, flexibility in design and manufacturing, reduced material wastage, elimination of specialized tooling as well as the low lifecycle costs. Combined with the maturity of the 3D printing process, these methods can be used in developing many new medical devices and procedures which have been expensive, difficult to create or not patient friendly. At present, this is a USD 700 million industry with only USD 11 million invested in medical applications. However, despite the small percentage, there are prospects that in a decade 's time, the industry will have a rapid growth with a higher percentage dedicated to the medical sector.

3-D printing is a collection of technologies invented by a man by the name of Bill Hughes back in 1983. It is also known as rapid prototyping or additive manufacturing (AM) though it 's only been around for a few years it has changed the technological world as we know it. The overnight success story of 3-D printing is been in 30 years in the making in the early 1980s 3-D printing was primarily used by the industrial and academic environments. 3-D printing is moved mainstream he can now be found in most industries in schools and even some homes are beginning to purchase…

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