The Current Interview For A Fht Np Position Essay

1004 Words May 24th, 2016 null Page
1.During the current interview for a FHT NP position, Mira expresses that she would like to embrace all competencies of the NP role which would require some protected time that does not involve direct clinical care or administration work. The CEO of the FHT asks her to elaborate on what she means by “all competencies”? Further to this, they request her to provide some examples of how she envisions the NP competencies would align with the FHT mandate of improving access and providing quality primary health care to the community. According to CNO’s NP practice standard (2016), NPs needs work within legal scope of practice and Collaborate/consult with others to achieve best outcomes for patients. In order to meet the requirement of practice standard, NPs needs advanced education and training. These education and training provide the NPs foundation to make independent judgement within the scope of practice. In addition to clinical care to patients, NPs are also required to participate in research, leadership, as well as health promotion and prevention of illness and injuries (CNA, 2010). For example, Mira may need to engage/participate in research to improve NP performance. She may need to participate in NP mentorship and requires special arrangement for such activity. And she may need to spend more time in health promotion by providing patient teaching. Such teaching sometimes can be time consuming due to the fact that a thorough assessment and health history are done.

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