The Current Foster Care System Essay

1173 Words Nov 20th, 2014 null Page
Intervention Children are part of a family unit, these families are part of a community, and that community is part of the society. In order to really be able to help these young children it is essential to understand how these social systems are interconnected and affect the child directly. The current foster care system sees separation from the caregiver as the most viable intervention, however, this at best addresses the problem on a short term basis and does not enact true change. When designing an intervention it is fundamental to take a holistic approach which will strengthen each social systems and their interconnectivity but also will provide for long term solutions. On a micro level the basic needs of the child need to be addressed. If a child is experiencing neglect or abuse in the home the child should be removed. However, this is not the end of the intervention but rather the beginning. The child no matter at what age should be given individualized therapy. If the child is a young infant, play therapy would be the most useful approach, this is because although the child will not be able to vocalize feelings they will develop a relationship with the therapist and see it as one of the most stable relationships that they so desperately need in a world of uncertainty. If the child is a bit older and can vocalize feelings, play therapy and TF-CBT can be used in conjunction. With play therapy in this case the child would use toys and/or games as a medium to…

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