The Current Food Production System Essay

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The current food production system is designed to produce food at an affordable price by producing food in masses on a small amount of land, however, hunger is caused by poverty and inequality, not scarcity. (Huffington post) This system was developed with the purpose of lowering cost, while at the same time increasing profits by a significant amount. This may be a strategy for those companies merely looking to increase business profits, however, the wellbeing of customers, environment and animals should have a more imperative impact on production decisions. There are a series of risks within this system; why are they so quick to take these risks? From the business standpoint, the ability to produce a huge volume of food on a limited amount of land is a plus. They are ultimately producing enough food to feed everyone in the world. In someone’s eyes there is no fault in that. Even though, they are considering the overall impact that it can have on an individual’s life, they refuse to acknowledge the other possible outcomes of food that is being produced and the extents that are taken to alter the natural growing habits of crops and animals alike.

The system has its fair share of positives, including producing enough food to feed every being in the world, however, at what costs? The effects of mass food production today have a multitude of influences on the environment, wildlife and consumer health alike.

Aside from business benefits and the need to feed 7 billion…

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