The Current Electoral System Of Canada Essay

1489 Words Apr 10th, 2016 6 Pages
Maintaining a democracy is a complex balance in any modern day democratic government, to which Canada is no exception. Democracy essentially demands that the power lies with the common people, not with the people who rule. Evaluating a democracy is no easy task, there are many considerations and different opinions of what demonstrates an optimal democracy. Canada is consistently ranked in the top twenty countries by different analyses, however, Canada is also well known for a growing democratic deficit. This is further evident with ongoing political debates on electoral and senate reform seeking solutions to the increasing democratic deficit. The cause of the democratic deficit in Canada is essentially the lack of power the people have in governmental and political decisions. This lack of citizen power is caused by many factors, including a broken electoral system, appointed government positions, and party solidarity. This paper will focus on the current electoral system as the main cause of Canada’s democratic deficit. The current system produces unsatisfactory electoral results by electing a government which doesn’t represent the votes of Canadians and promotes individuals to vote nonsensically. There are many existing solutions to the electoral system; this paper will argue that a mixed member proportional system would be a good solution for Canada. Prior to examining the flaws of Canada’s electoral system, it is pertinent to describe the Electoral system employed in…

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