The Current Diagnostic Formulation Of Ptsd Essay

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The period of slavery in the United States began with the arrival of Africans in the New World in the 1620s until its abolition in 1845. During this time Africans were subject to verbal, physical, and emotional abuse by their white owners. According to many accounts of the time period a culture of fear was instilled in slaves and their owners alike. This fear created physical, mental and emotional stress in individuals, families and communities. Our body’s reaction to fear is stress. The term stress is defined as “any demand upon the body, be the effect mental or somatic” “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances PTSD. The current diagnostic formulation of PTSD derives primarily from observations of survivors of relatively circumscribed traumatic events: com− bat, disaster, and rape. It has been suggested that this formulation fails to capture the protean sequelae of prolonged, repeated trauma. In contrast to the circumscribed traumatic event, prolonged, repeated trauma can oc− cur only where the victim is in a state of captivity, unable to flee, and under the control of the perpetrator. Examples of such conditions include prisons, concentration camps, and slave labor camps (cite here) and it can be carried on for long periods after the stressful situation has ceased which is known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Survivors of reported abuse have reported higher levels of distress to psychiatrists than…

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