Essay on The Current Definition Of Family

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Families have been around since the beginning of time, however the definition of family has changed quite a bit, especially in the past twenty years or so. The current definition of family is a group of people consisting of a mother, father, and children living together in the same house, but the effects of divorce, remarriage, and homosexuality have produced grounds for revising the definition. One major impact on families is divorce. First marriages result in a divorce forty to fifty percent of the time, and second marriages result in a divorce sixty percent of the time. When parents divorce, it results in any children that may have been a result of the marriage having to choose which parent they prefer would to live with, or their parents deciding for them if they are too young to make the decision for themselves. Even if the kids live with one parent permanently, they would most likely still be required to spend time with the other parent too, for example, every other weekend and one weekday they would go to the opposite parent’s house. Kids splitting time between parents can cause a strain on their relationship with one or both parents. Kids may react badly to their parents obtaining a divorce. Usually kids that are nine years of age or younger blame themselves for their parents divorce and dream their parents will restore their relationship and remarry. They may also become more clingy to their parents, and have troubles doing simple tasks that they had no…

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