The Current Appalling Drought Of California Essay

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Warm temperatures and rich soil make it no coincidence that California produces the most amount of food within all of the American states. With vast quantities of agriculture, comes the necessity for a great abundance of water. Agriculture uses close to 80% of the entire water supply in California (NDRC, 2014). As California continues to extract more and more groundwater as well as export water-demanding crops, the issue is only getting further from a resolution. The current appalling drought in California has been ongoing since 2011 and has proven to be one of, if not the most severe drought in the past 100 years. The drought officially became a state of emergency in 2014.
There is no definitive event which caused the drought, however it is presumed that La Niña was the spark of the drought. La Niña is a type of atmospheric and oceanic temperature phase. During a La Niña year, winters are often warmer in the Southeast and colder in the Northwest, and it has caused California to have exceedingly dry winters. Since winter precipitation is a large supplier of water for the country, a lack of storms has sparked the drought. As well, there was a section of the Pacific Ocean which was around 2-7% higher temperature than normal, and this caused warmer winds which led to less snowfall and warmer temperatures (Griffin, 2015).
A solution to the California drought is necessary before the state experiences the effects in a more profound way.

Image 1. A comparison of an area before…

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