Essay about The Curious Incident Of The Night Time

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It Makes Sense
Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Night-time has one reoccurring theme that he has highlighted throughout the novel, Logic. He illustrates this by his sentence structure and by showing the way Christopher, the protagonist, processes everything by using and needing concrete facts or patterns and various structures to justify his different conclusions he arrives at throughout the novel, also on how each chapter is labeled with prime numbers.
Haddon does not do anything without a purpose in this novel. Everything plays a role from the sentence to the words used. His repetitive use of coordinating conjunctions throughout the novel shows the reader balanced sentences, thus giving us order. For example he continuously starts every sentence with “And”:
‘And I said, ‘I think I should go now.’ And she said, ‘Are you OK Christopher?’ And I said, ‘I’m scared of being in the park with you because you’re a stranger.’ And she said, ‘I’m not a stranger, Christopher, I’m a friend.’ And I said, ‘I’m going to go home now.’(Haddon).
This dialogue shows how Haddon uses sentences to convey an ongoing pattern. It begins with a coordinating conjunction then the subject and what the subject has to say. This repetition is what Christopher likes because it’s constant and there are no surprises. But the sentence structure also Cummings 2 shows the reader a glimpse of how Christopher thinks. The way the dialogue is written is being shown as if Christopher was having an…

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