Essay On The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime

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In the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time written By Mark Haddon is a mystery because of the hero in the story Christopher, the Villain in the story the father, and a red herrings throughout the book.
In the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Christopher is a detective in the book and also enjoys a good mystery. Christopher has a mental illness and does not have many friends, Towards the beginning of the book, Christopher is solving the murder of Wellington. At the end of the book, Christopher is figuring out the truth about his life and how he really feels. At this point in time of the book, Christopher made a map of his neighborhood and went around interviewing his neighbors. “‘Mrs. Shear’s dog. Mrs.Shears
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A red herring is a clue that is misleading to throw the reader or main character off. For my first example of a red herring is when Christopher stumbles of to some letters in his dad's room. “I counted the letters. “There were 43 of them. They were all addressed to me in the same handwriting.”(Haddon 48). This quote above show a red herring because Christopher's dad lied to Christopher about his mother and hide the letters, to try keep the truth that his mother was still alive. During this next quote Christopher and his dad got into a fight a little bit earlier in the book, and his father is now trying to cover for his actions so Christopher does not figure he killed Wellington. “he said he would take me on an expedition to show me a proper sorry and we were going to twycross zoo”(Haddon 85). In this quote above Christopher dad freaks out when he found of that Christopher was still investigating the murder of Wellington. His dad lost his temper and punch Christopher, and Everytime christopher talks about the death of Wllington his dad get all frustrated.This can be seen as a Red Herring because the dad is trying to make Christopher think that he never meant to spas out so Christopher does not start to become onto him about what he

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