What Is The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night

Autism is a disorder that is commonly known for behavioural issues and for its unknown cause. Patients with this disorder often struggle to socially interact with others and this causes frustration and confusion. In the novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, written by Mark Haddon is a first- person narrative of a fifteen year old boy, Christopher Boone, who may be considered to have the Asperger’s syndrome. “As the novel takes us through a young boy’s experiences within his family, his school, and his neighbourhood, told from his point view, the reader is introduced to the essential features of high-functioning Autism” (Muller, 2006, p.93-94). Given that Autism has an unknown cause, people who are considered to be “normal” …show more content…
This overtaxing frustration often results in aggressive behavior, which in turn becomes an obstacle to interpersonal communication (Lambidoni, 2007, p.95).
The initial reaction of the officer was that Christopher assaulted him and that he did not understand why. He immediately went on to arrest him without further acknowledging why he may have hit him. This is the underlying issue when it comes to why people have a hard time understanding children with Autism. “Haddon’s novel not only illustrates Christopher’s daily difficulties in this domain but also the way they are exacerbated when life situations become more challenging” (Lambidoni, 2007, p.97). Early in the book the reader finds out that Christopher lives with his father and they struggle to communicate because of the underlying difficulty his father has with his son’s Autism. The reader also finds out that Christopher has lived without his mom because she died when he was young, or so he thought. Later in the book, Christopher discovers that his father had been lying to him about his mother, and that she is not dead, she just had an affair and moved to London. He also found that that his father was the one who killed the neighbour’s
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During his journey to London, in which he wants to live with his mother after he finds out his father killed the neighbourhood dog, he has to overcome obstacles before he arrives in London. At the beginning of his journey he embraces his fear and speaks to a stranger in order to find out where the train station is. He proceeds to asking a lady on the street for a map on how to get there. She then starts to laugh at him and tells him he does not need a map to get there (Haddon, 2003, p. 138). For people who do not understand the autism spectrum, their initial reaction is to laugh in uncomfortable situations or when they are confused. When Christopher finally arrives in London and is waiting for the tube, he finds his rat, Toby, on the tracks and he goes to pick him up. A man panics and screams at Christopher and helps him up on to the platform. When the train passes, he continues to yell at Christopher asking him questions in which Christopher does not answer, but tells him he was getting his pet rat (Haddon, 2003, p. 183). This man does not process this information and just leads to believe that something is seriously wrong in Christopher’s head and leaves him there to get on his train. People who do not understand children with Autism tend to look for an alternative approach in which they ignore the truth about the

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