The Cupidity Series : A Collection Of Online Love Stories Essay

1154 Words Nov 10th, 2015 null Page
Cornetto Cupidity series is a collection of online love stories, in order to celebrate youth experiences of love. Cornetto spreads the love with films. The Cornetto Cupidity series encourage people to chase love, bring hope to the youth, and features with romantic tales, great music, attractive actors and very few ice creams to relate to the main topic. Young people encounter with each other and get little help from cupid and then they discover each other and wait for the magic happens. Anything is possible in love, Cornetto attempts to tell teen that “enjoy the ride, love the ending.” This collection of love stories brings some real life examples to depict these unpredictable romantic teen love rides. One of this series love stories, titled “Kismet Dinner” represents Cornett brand to apparent advertising this brand ice cream. This is a nine minutes heartwarming film to reveal their goal that wish every teen has a “enjoy the ride, love the ending” journey and discover love. The film apparently deliver a main message for teens that being patient to wait for true love and don’t give up. It appears in one rainy night with cars roaring past, it creates a turbulent atmosphere in very subjectively way. This film is describing a shy young diner waitress named Laura who serves her customers with her beautiful voice. One day she develops a crush on a handsome man and is attracted to him at first sight. She tries to make him to notice her and her singing voice. Unfortunately, he…

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