Essay about The Culture Of The Yangshao Culture

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• The Yangshao culture was first excavated in 1921, it lasted to c. 2700B.C.E. - Farmers grew millet, wheat, and rice, and domesticated pigs, dogs, goats and perhaps horses. - They lived mostly in river valleys, and villages were often surrounded by walls for protection.
• Soon larger political units were created and the Xia, Shang, and Zhou dynasties came to be. - The Traditional chronological dating suggests that one succeeded another. - Capitals were frequently shifted implying that each king wanted to make their mark. - Like many other cities, the Chinese cities were also religious centers, with Kings that presided over rituals.
-The early ritual of oracle bones leaves evidence of an early form of writing. -The bones of different animals were marked thrown into a fire and taped with a rod. When the bones cracked they were interpreted by a specialist to predict the future. - Until recently historians were skeptical of the existence of the legendary Xia dynasty, but current archaeological finds prove otherwise. - Like the Shang and Zhou, the Xia dynasty was ruled by a specific family clan. - In these times kings were said to be the mediators of this world and the spirit world and one of the great tasks expected was the taming of the Yellow River. - Legend reflects the idea that rulers gained their power through the ability to organize large groups of laborers. -The Xia dynasty excelled in human organization. -…

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