The Culture Of The Latino Community Essay

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Every community or group is shaped by at least one folklore. This folklore assist in creating what the community values and it contributes in how the community functions. For example, growing up in the Hispanic community, there were millions of folklores that existed. One that really stood out to me as a child regarded something that my parents would call the “coo cooi.” This figure was a spanish version of the boogey man and was used to scare me off when I wanted to do something that my parents did not approve of. If I did not want to go to bed then my parents would tell me that the “coo cooi” will get me because I was being disobedient. This folklore shaped the hispanic community into having a way to get their kids to listen to them. In other words, folklore is a powerful influence in everyday lives and that is one of the main points I am trying to make. Although I am still apart of the hispanic community, the community that I am currently focusing on is the commuter community. This community does not have much folklore because it has not been around for very long but there are still stories that circulate and serve as advice. The purpose is to inform everyone who is interested in knowing and understanding the folklore of the commuter community and how it shapes the people who are involved in this community.
In order to determine the folklore for the commuter community, I observed and I conducted an interview with one of the commuter mentors. From the information I…

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