The Culture Of The Latin American Countries Essay

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Course Paper "The Culture of Poverty in Latin American Countries"

Among the World, the Latin America is widely recognized by their unique geography, history, traditions and culture. However, in present years, the perspective among this countries has significantly declined because of the current rise of economic and crime issues around. Although in Latin American countries, the presence of economic issues has always prevail, during recent years the increase of poverty has become a major public issue. Therefore, the interpretation of poverty relays into several theoretical issues such as culture. Over the years, countries conforming the Latin America have remain their perspective about "Culture of Poverty". According Oscar Lewis (1966) a "Culture of Poverty", is produced and reproduced by certain economic, social, political and cultural relations at local and national levels (p.14 ). Later, Lewis (1966) describes that poverty is characterized by the lack of involvement and integration of individuals into major institutions of the larger society (p.41) In addition, Lewis attributes several different factors that increase a "culture of poverty" such as unemployment, low wages, and illiteracy (Sanabria, 2007p. 8). The low representation and participation of individuals have always decrease opportunities among their communities. For example, the economy of countries such as Mexico largely depend on the agriculture and farming. Therefore, many individuals invest their only…

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