The Culture Of The Kurdish People Essay example

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The book I decided to read was As Strong as Mountains: a Kurdish Cultural Journey, written by Robert L. Brenneman. I wanted to read this book because I did not know any aspects of the Kurdish culture. I enjoy learning about other cultures, and Kurdish is one culture that I had very little knowledge of. In fact, I am not very educated about the cultures within the Middle East in general. This book helped me understand new aspects of the Kurdish culture and their lifestyle.
Author Brenneman discusses the culture of the Kurdish people. Brenneman claims that there are three dimensions of the Kurdish culture which include assimilation, nationalism, and the relation to Islam. The Kurdish people are believed to be an ancient ethnic mixture originating from the indigenous people of the region, the Medes, and Iranian. However, due to surrounding countries that attempt to assimilate the Kurdish people, there are many types of Kurds: Turkish, Iraqi, Arabic, and others. The main locations in this book include the protective mountains that Kurdish people frequently reside in during troublesome times, Turkey, and Iraq, but other locations and surrounding countries are mentioned. The mountains are a sacred place; the Kurds feel safe and protected in the villages along the mountains. There are no main characters in this book. Rather, a multitude of families are discussed in order to gain a larger perspective of the Kurdish culture. Some families decide to participate in assimilation and…

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