Essay on The Culture Of Independence At St. Olaf

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In studying the culture of independence at St. Olaf, I sought to discover whether students experience independence in the way they anticipated they would or if it has been less or more than that belief.
I chose this topic because of my own experience of surprise at how much the college provides to support students. Student experiences in Britain are very different, where, as an adult student, besides academic support through the institution, you are expected to look after yourself, handling your own rent, bills and food on top of doing the academic work and adapting to a new lifestyle. At St. Olaf, my room and board plan means that I do not ever have to consider the electricity bill, or what I’m going to cook for dinner. The college also enforces certain rules and regulations that would be seen as a restriction to students’ choice if they were present in a British university. I wondered whether other international students here had felt the contrast to their own nations’ college system as I did and whether domestic students were experiencing what they had anticipated.
This ethnography comprised of interviews with four females and six males. Five of the interviewees were freshmen, one was a sophomore and four were seniors. There was also a balance between six domestic students and four international students.
Expectations of independence versus reality:
1. Expectations have altered q 8,9,10,11,12
As I contrasted responses relating to expectations of independence before…

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