The Culture Guide / Scrapbook Project Essay

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The Culture Guide/Scrapbook project was very difficult, but very informative for me to complete. I struggled with getting information from my father side of the family. It took forever to find one contact that could link me to my stepmother. My cultural guide, Tiffany Jackson, made it very easy for me to trust her with deep feelings I never consider until this project. Doing this assignment I definitely matured, and learned to work under high stress. It was impossible for me to gather all the information about my family, due to deaths, and absolutely horrible memory on my grandparents end. It amazes me how my grandparents managed to forget everyone birthday. For the majority of my childhood women raised me. I only knew three men total that I felt comfortable around; my Grandpa Sam (my grandma second husband), My Grandpa Isaac, and my deadbeat father, LeeTroy Watkins. My mom raised me to be independent and never depend on anyone for help. That all changed when she met my stepdad, Leonard Robinson. They got married and had two more children. My little brother Leonard Robinson II and Spencer Robinson. Tiffany and I both shared similar feelings toward our father. Her father actually understands his mistakes and has tried to have a better relationship with her. Unlike my father he could not leave his room to come speak to me so I could ask him questions about his side of the family. He told his wife that he was too embarrassed to speak to me because he hasn’t seen me in a long…

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