Essay The Culture Group : The Tiwi People

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The culture group that I found intriguing was the Tiwi people. They inhabit the Melville and Bathurst islands, which spans out to roughly three thousand square miles. I grew up on a farm with about six thousand acres of land used for cattle and planting crops. I always perceived my area of land to be quite extensive, but after learning about the Tiwi’s plot of land I realized how small my farm actually is. The two islands are described as being heavily forested. This allows for lush greenery to be ever present as scenery for the Tiwi people. This was not the case where I grew up. As for my scenery, dry grass and the occasional tree is all that is included. There is no concrete evidence of when the Tiwi came into contact with outsiders, but it is assumed that it was long ago. It is believed that sailors had been taken off course and landed accidently on the Tiwi islands. In the seventeenth century, the Dutch were the ones to name the islands that the Tiwi live on. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Western contact was heightened to the extent of having the first British structure on their land. After this, it took seventy-five years until the Europeans were able to make another establishment. The subsistence for this group is found through hunting and gathering. Their environment is abundant in supply of animals to kill and plants to eat. The younger men do most of the big game hunting. Their kill varies from turtles, geese, lizards, fish, and…

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