Essay about The Culture And Gender Roles

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In the Romanichal culture gender roles are exceptionally highlighted in the day to day lives of its people and their families (Dimitriva, 2013, p. 378). A Romanichal Family usually consists of the nuclear unit and any extended family members because it 's expected for the father and mother of the potential child be married before conceiving Romanichal culture celebrates strict traditional gender roles, amongst the family members in a given household. The father plays one of the most significant role as a main authority figure. In most households it is the father 's sole responsibility to provide income, while the mother takes care of the domestic responsibilities such as; cooking, cleaning, child care, and child education. (Edden, Hughes, McCormack, & Prendergast, 2012, p. 12). Although the mother is seen as the main caregiver, the father does play an important part in child rearing (Edden, Hughes, McCormack, & Prendergast, 2012, p. 12). From conception it is the father 's responsibility to spread the news of the pregnancy as well as organize a christening for the child once it 's born, as the mother is not allowed to do so. For up to six weeks the father takes on the domestic responsibilities while the mother and child are isolated (Edden, Hughes, McCormack, & Prendergast, 2012, p. 14). Once the christening takes place the family dynamics return to normal; this is important, because while the mother takes care of the child on an intimate basis at this early age, the father…

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