The Cultural Values Of Intensive Mothering Essay

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Finally, the cultural values of intensive mothering provide another aspect of the gender-based view of female behavior that is “tolerated” in the patriarchal workplace. Another inequality in the patriarchal workplace is the male gender behaviors of stoicism and perceived neglect in the value of family life. The gender value of the “nurturing mother” is a major gender role, which has been deeply imbedded into the fabric of American society. These two divided gender roles provide a deeper understanding of the different behaviors that women are expected to enact in the workplace: “A good mother must do everything she can in the public sphere to provide the best possible experience for her children in the private sphere; mothers must adopt a calloused persona in the working world (Davis-Maye et al. 26).
This form of “calloused” behavior is part of the rugged and stoic male behavior associated with the aggressive methods of business interactions in a patriarchal society. This aspect of the public sphere of women’s work is an important feature in the detailed performance expectations that women must bring with them to the workplace. More so, they must shift back to a “nurturing” mode when their children need their mother during the workday. Culturally, this is another example of the patriarchal inequality of labor that divides men from women through these stereotypical behaviors. More than being ignored and devalued for her work in the home; the mother must then endure the…

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