The Cultural Values Into The Conflicting Values Of Both Juan And His Parents?

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Case Scenario # 3 – Juan
How do you conceptualize the cultural values into the conflicting values of both Juan and his parents?
Although born in America, Juan’s parents were immigrants and migrated to America. I wonder if being born to immigrant parents, settling in an urban center that had a strong latino/a presence and celebration of latin cultures influenced them to hold so securely to their values and culture. Perhaps, their influences are being projected and subjected onto to Juan in a way that may have effectively worked for them individually and as a family unit during the 1970’s that is not entirely enough for Juan today. I notice that Juan embraces American culture, as well as his latin culture and wants to freely participate and be allowed to explore both cultures without the control and judgement of his parents.
What individual differences play into conflicting values for Juan and his parents? There is the difference of age between Juan and his parents. His parents came over to America at a very different time than when Juan was born. Times were different then. However, this is not always how others may see this. Juan’s responses to his parents and their cultural values may come to a shock for his parents. Adolescence is a hard time for both parents and teens. I wonder if his parents is seeing this time particularly difficult because they may thinking, “As parents, what did we do wrong!?” On the other hand, Juan may be feeling like a new person, a different…

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