Essay on The Cultural Revolution That Happened For The Peasant Class

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Being a peasant in China before the Cultural Revolution was rough. During the Cultural Revolution we see huge changes in the peasant lifestyles. The vast population of China was farmers that had either little land to work on or land that was rented out by landlords. The novel Frog by Mo Yan is an excellent novel in, which Mo describes the lives of peasant people, one child policy, family planning, and the role of women in china during the cultural revolution. In this essay I will be arguing the positive effects of the Cultural Revolution that happened for the peasant class. For instance what major impacts happened to the peasant life during the Cultural Revolution, why were the peasant class for Mao Zedong, and what made their life easier. The history of Cultural Revolution in China started from 1966 till 1976 led by the Mao Zedong. Before the Cultural Revolution many of the peasant population did not have a saying they would work rigorously and pay the landlord with what they had. During the start of the Cultural Revolution Mao Zedong gave hope to these peasant population that you can also own your own land and live a better life if you follow the way into modernization. The peasant population was a key force for defeating Japanese Chaing Kai- Shek’s without the support of the peasant population Mao would have not gain victory. Mao’s main ideology came from Marxism, but also differed by saying that peasant can also cause a revolution. Young Mao’s intention was to get…

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