Essay about The Cultural Revolution Of China

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“It will be like that until someone decides to change it. All of it. But how did you change an entire culture? Revolutions were about politics, not perceptions, weren 't they?” (“A Quote from Infidel”). I believe this quote really defines what the Cultural Revolution was all about because the Cultural Revolution started with one man with a vision to shape China’s future, and that man was Mao Zedong. He wanted to spread his ideologies across China and impose his beliefs. He paved the way for the Cultural Revolution and changed the way the people in China lived for an entire decade. There were many consequences caused by the Cultural Revolution which affected China for years to come, two of which are: it severely damaged the educational system and it led to a declining economy.

The Cultural Revolution was a political campaign which started in 1966 and took place in the People’s Republic of China for 10 years. It was led by Mao Zedong whose ambition was to change China with his social and political philosophies; he also felt that it was mandatory to take control of the government because he believed that they were leading China in the wrong direction (“Cultural Revolution”). Previously he started with the “Great Leap Forward” which was started to modernize China. Mao began making factories to promote technology and collectivized farms. What he didn’t know was that the workers didn’t know how to use the factories and the equipment so the things that were produced were of very…

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